Cleaning and Clearing

The simplest of home improvement and often the most effective can come not by service base, (although possible to do so) but instead through your own slight time and effort. I am talking about cleaning and clearing.

Cleaning your home, vacuuming the floor, wiping benches, cleaning toilets, bathrooms, dishes and much more, and clearing, tidying things up and putting them away in their places vs leaving them on the floor.

Without any significant exertion of energy, copious amounts of time and wallet thievery your place can look brand new in a flash.

Although barriers, walls and resentment will appear in the face of this process, once you begin and see the results it becomes harder to stop you until it is all complete. Once that is so, you are then able to put your feet up and look around knowing that you put that effort in and your reward has been reaped.

How do you make this process even simpler? Easy, simple clean as you go, a little bit each day, put things away as soon as you come home, stack dishes in the dishwasher instantly etc.

If you just chip away a little bit each day you won’t have a problem at all.

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