Gutter Cleaning

If you’re anything like most people, you like putting off cleaning the gutters. I can understand the sentiment. I mean, who enjoys climbing a ladder and getting in there to dig out leaves, debris, and whatever else? Who wants to risk falling off that ladder?


Who doesn’t decide just to leave the gutters alone?


Well, I don’t. One look at my home or website should tell you I prefer to do my cleaning. The same applies to the gutters. I’m not above calling professionals if the job is too big, but I rather like making sure that I don’t have to do that.


If you decide to try to clean your gutters finally, that’s good! Doing this is critical in home maintenance. Here is a variety of ways you can get this chore done.


The first is with a ladder. Grab one and climb, remove anything that’s there. Of course, if your home is taller than average, this isn’t the best option.


If your home is taller than average, consider You might need specialised gear just to get that high.


Another method is to attach tools to a water house. If you’re going with this, you’re spraying the leaves out and counting on the gutters themselves to handle the water.


There are specialised tools that you can use to clean gutters. You’ll need dedicated attachments that connect to standard vacuums or the average leaf blower. You can suck out or blow out anything that’s clogging without having to climb.


Poles are also an option. A long-reaching pole can go a long way, and if there isn’t a lot of clutter, it could be all you need.


A power sprayer is also an option. I’m personally not a big fan because I always feel like you could do damage with them, but folks I know sometimes swear by these. These tools will blast out anything in the gutters, and the cleaning is effortless.


Be sure to get a detachable mirror. You’ll need it to get a good view of what’s above without getting on a ladder.



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